The lounge

A unique place for a special moment
Le Salon Nuit Blanche

A private lounge

for your fittings.

Nuit Blanche wel­comes you in a typ­i­cal parisian showroom, on the first floor. This very pri­vate lounge will be yours dur­ing the fit­tings. We will get to know each other. We will talk about your desires and will share our ideas


fittings only.

A first appointment of one and a half hour is dedicated to you to find the models that will suit you the best. We will help you and will propose you different styles because we know it is not easy to choose a dress on a hanger.
Among more than 50 mod­els, we will find together your wed­ding dress.

Le salon Nuit Blanche


THE dress.

The second step will be the order of THE dress, we will take all your measures to produce it. After many months of patience, we will contact you for your first fitting 2 to 3 months before your wedding.

At last

ready for it !

We will see you about 3 times to adjust the dress and choose the accessories.
You will then be ready for your “Nuit Blanche”…

Le Salon Nuit Blanche