Le Spose di Gio

Wedding dresses

Great care and lit­tle make-up. Every­thing must appear nat­ural and relaxed, but noth­ing have to be left to chance.

A mod­ern, seduc­tive and essen­tial bride is the Sposa di Giò. An inim­itable style that since 1975 has dic­tated a new idea of bride. Far from any triv­ial excess, it is the style that enhances the bride with­out trans­form­ing her.

Born from the expe­ri­ence of De Capitani’s sis­ters (Gio­vanna e Marisa), respec­tively matured in the world of high fash­ion and design, the first ate­lier was opened in a small area in the cen­tre of Monza. An imme­di­ate suc­cess, the Giò lin­ear and clean style became straight­away trendy. From the most impor­tant and sump­tu­ous cer­e­monies to wed­dings held in the coun­try­side or bare­foot at the beach, each bride is a sin­gle adven­ture, dif­fer­ent and original.