A new designer at Nuit Blanche in September…

Before the summer vacation, we can’t resist! We must reveal THE surprise of next September with the arrival of a new designer at Nuit Blanche: Georges Hobeika

We are excited to present you a selection of splendid wedding dresses and evening dresses of the collection 2018 by Georges Hobeika.
Waiting for September, here is a sneak peak below.

For the full experience, take an appointment for a very private fitting in Septembre during a personalized appointment at Nuit Blanche Paris

We wish you a great summer!

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GEORGES-HOBEIKA-Bridal-Spring-Summer-Look-5_1-Nuit Blanche

GEORGES-HOBEIKA-Bridal-Spring-Summer-Look-1_1-Nuit Blanche

GEORGES-HOBEIKA-Bridal-Spring-Summer-Look-21_1-Nuit Blanche

Cocktail dress Georges Hobeika Nuit Blanche Paris

Cocktail dress 21 Georges Hobeika Nuit Blanche Paris

Cocktail dress 28 Georges Hobeika Nuit Blanche Paris